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Why Go With Memberall vs Kajabi?

we just want to give quick props to the team at Kajabi. They've built a great product to help businesses. (And if you're here because you're evaluating Memberall vs Kajabi, or looking for Kajabi alternatives, then you're already doing the right thing by finding a product that will help you build a better business.)

So what's the difference between Memberall and Kajabi?

Of course, there are differences in benefits and features between the two companies (which we address further down this page if you’re interested),

The Biggest Difference is Our Approach

The team at Kajabi has been building their solution with custom code for their proprietary platform, while the team at Memberall has been building their solution with no custom code for their open source platform.

So, long story short… If you’re a business owner looking for a product built to help you convert clicks into customers faster and be confident in managing your own tech without hiring anyone – then you’re in the right place. We created Memberall and the category of No Code Business for you. Join us. Find the freedom, flexibility and control you need to grow your online community and your recurring revenue.

Want to hear more on why Memberall is right for you? No problem! That's why we created this page for you. And when we sat down to write this, we simply posed ourselves the same question that people like you have been asking us, “Hey, do you have a list or something like the top reasons why someone would pick Memberall vs. Kajabi?”

That gave us some clear insight into what to answer. So here ya go…

The TOP Reasons Why Brands & Businesses Use Memberall vs Kajabi


Reason #1

Memberall Helps You Engage Customers, Not Ignore Them

We built the category of No Code Business. Literally. In fact, we're writing a book on it. Why? Because we learned the hard way that when a business owner does not have the freedom, flexibility and control you need to grow with what your customers desire, then you're stuck, unable to move. And there's almost no worse feeling than that.

For example, what if you can't implement that new tactic you just learned about, simply because your platform doesn't give you the ability to do it. Or what if your customers get bored with the same cookie-cutter experience from you that they see elsewhere too? What if you can't create a new experience for them because the platform you're using won't allow it? Not being able to change what you want to change is frustrating beyond belief. Ugh.

And (spoiler alert) here’s the #1 rule of No Code Business: Make it easy for your customers to connect with their customers and with the world around them. Because we know from working with thousands of businesses that connecting customers is the fastest path to revenue. Why? Because people like connecting with other people, especially now more than ever before.

But if you're using a platform built by a single company that says they replace the functionality of several other companies, that just means they are actually not great at one thing. (Unless, of course, their name is Apple.) It's called spreading yourself too thin. That's why our approach is different: Use world-class software from a variety of companies who are each building one amazing thing and who play nice with each other. That way, people like you (and us) can deliver a WAY better membership experience for customers. The best part? Your customers don't feel like you're ignoring them.

With a unique-yet-familiar membership website experience, your customers don't feel like you're clicky-spammy. Why? Because your amazing membership website is proof that you put in the effort. The result? You can grow faster because your membership site almost sells itself. Plus, you can make changes easier because you aren't constrained by your platform. And, perhaps most importantly, you can be confident in managing your tech without knowing tech! It's just a WAY better approach for engaging customers than any single company could build on its own. So if you’re hoping to engage customers and grow revenue, you need Memberall.

Reason #2

Integrations with Almost Anything (20 Email Providers, 49 Payment Processors, LMS Systems, Page Builders, Slack, Zapier, Webhooks and More.)

Because Memberall is built by growth marketing people, we understand the modern tech approach is providing integrations that go beyond just syncing data. With Memberall, you can use data from almost any source to do whatever you want with it, like engage customers, sending personalized messages to members when they login to your membership website, watch a video, complete a lesson, push a button, or whatever. No one wants to just buy a product and that's it. They want a more connected experience.

Reason #3

You Get Unlimited Landing Pages, Funnels, Products, Memberships, Courses and Contacts with Memberall.

We want you to focus on connecting with customers and growing your business, not worrying about your bill each month and doing crazy things, like deleting contacts just so you don't “go over” your max. Some companies' pricing is set up to penalize you for growing (e.g. the more contacts you add, the more you pay them). Yikes. Our pricing is super simple. You’ll know exactly what your bill will be every month and we won’t penalize you for going over a bit. We’ll just give you a call and see if maybe all you need is just a bit more bandwidth, not an arbitrary rule on how many contacts or products you have. We got your back with a whole lot of unlimited stuff. Now you go out there and focus on doing what you do best: Growing your business.

Okay, so you might still be asking, “How can Memberall offer unlimited on so many things?” Great question. Here's why… Because our membership sites are built on WordPress, which powers over 75 million websites. So, world-class companies from web hosting to social media to landing page builders (and thousands in between) are able to build amazing solutions at incredibly affordable prices. The result for you? You get a world-class memberships site from us, complete with dedicated hosting & security, without the “custom” price tag.

(Normally, a “custom” membership website can range anywhere between $20k – $50k but can go as high as $500k. Ever heard of mastermind.com? Yep, $500k. Then there's Facebook™, Netflix™, and LinkedIn™, all membership websites and apps that costs tens of billions. But of course they're absurd exaggerations. When you get to that level, we'll put you on this list too.) 😜

Kajabi Basic Memberall Growth
Price $149/mo $147/mo
Products 3 Unlimited
Sales Funnels 3 Unlimited
Landing Pages 3 Unlimited
Physical Products 3 Unlimited
Digital Products 3 Unlimited
Memberships 3 Unlimited
Communities 3 Unlimited
Online Courses 5 Unlimited
Contacts 10,000 Unlimited
Active Members 1,000 5,000
Admins 1 Unlimited
Reason #4

Freedom, Flexibility, Control, and a Whole Lot More.

Rather than talk more about the Memberall approach, you might just be interested in seeing a list of some things you can have…

Kajabi Basic Memberall Growth
Price $149/mo $147/mo
Your Own Branding
Onboarding Call
Member Dashboard
Affiliate System
Private Messaging
Member Profiles
Activity Feed
Forum Discussions
Social Groups
Track Member Progress
Issue Certifications
Bulk Import Content
Bulk Import Members
Code Editor
Job Board
Live Streaming
Dedicated Servers

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