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The Virtual Summit

Completely customizable with Elementor Pro. Ready for you to personalize.

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Imagine hosting an online event that people will LOVE.

With a Virtual Summit website, you can leverage the expertise of thought leaders to reach more people and make more revenue.

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All the tough stuff done for you so you can just personalize and 'Go LIVE'.

What's included with this WordPress website template:

Just drag, drop, type and go. (No code.)

About the Virtual Summit Website Template

Let’s get real for a sec — it’s fun to think about turning what you're passionate about into something that has impact. But the reality of creating an experience your attendees will love is another thing. With Memberall, you can give your customers an exceptional experience so they'll love you even more.

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For over a decade we've built countless custom membership websites for brands & business owners alike. So we've seen what works and what doesn't. That's why our approach is to build insights into every site — like a content framework that saves you countless hours and endless frustration — so you can convert and impress without the “tech” stress.

And since everything is built on WordPress, you get the freedom, flexibility and control you need to evolve your site however you like. You have complete creative control now and in the future. And while the possibilities are endless, the best part is it's already built and waiting for you to personalize.

Frequently Asked Questions

All of our sites are created on the WordPress platform, which powers over one-third of the world's websites, giving you the freedom, flexibility and control you need to grow with what your members want and need, both now and in the future. As well, all our designs are created to work with Elementor, the popular drag-and-drop webpage builder (with a community of over 4 million people!) that allows you to make changes without the frustrations of knowing code or hiring freelancers (fingers crossed, right?). Also, we only use pro plugins that play nice with each other from world-class companies like LearnDash (online training / LMS), CartFlows (sales funnels & order form), and WishList Member (memberships), among others. Of course, you will either need to buy licenses for these plugins. Or you can join one of our managed plugin plans and save thousands in recurring plugin fees! Also, we recommend that you host your site on a fast, dedicated server. Or you can host your new website on one of our managed hosting plans. If you're hosting with us, we can install your site for you. All you have to do is just swap out our stuff with yours. Things like logo, colors, payment info, content!

Yes, our sites can only be used with WordPress. Your Memberall purchase includes a one-time payment for the premium design.

To be frank, using WordPress used to be like navigating The Wild West. Not anymore. With Elementor's page builder, you never have to touch code or hire anyone. It's super easy to edit, drag-and-drop elements (or entire sections) around, and customize the design however you like. What's great about Elementor, though, is it's global template “builder”. We like to think of it as more of a HUGE time saver. Because any changes you make will work with ANY theme. For example, you can change one color, and it changes everywhere.

Absolutely! Once your membership site is ready to launch, the Memberall support team will point your existing domain to your new site for you! Don't have a domain yet? We recommend GoDaddy because it's super easy to register your domain.

Yes! Every Memberall membership website comes equipped with the ability to use WooCommerce, the world's most popular (and fantastic) e-commerce solution! It's also easy to add products, connect your bank account, and watch the sales come in.

Hey, it's okay! We got you covered. While our membership sites are designed to be specific to a particular industry, they are highly customizable (using Elementor's No-Code Theme Builder) and can be tailored to exactly what your vision is… in ANY industry. In fact, coaches, trainers, educators, artists, bloggers, content creators, influencers, makers, restaurants and more have all found their home with Memberall.

Most website builders only let you change the color, font, images, or page titles, for example. But in order to make “real” changes you gotta know CSS or HTML or JavaScript. Our designs make use of Elementor's  no-code template builder, making it SUPER easy for you to change literally ANYTHING — colors, add images, your logo,  picture galleries, price tables, videos, accordions, and a heckuva lot more! You can completely restructure the layout if you like, without knowing any code or being “techie” at all! And, of course, everything is mobile-friendly, which in today's world is a must!

Yes! While we've built an incredible foundation for your membership website, it's YOURS to change as much as you want. You can even copy and paste entire sections or clone entire pages, saving you hours, perhaps weeks of time!

Absolutely! In fact, if you're on one of our managed plugin plans, you'll get Smartcrawl Pro installed, perhaps the best SEO software out there.

LOL! Yep, we've heard it all. Honestly, you get what you pay for. We still build custom sites for those who want more of a different experience for their members. And clients who book those membership sites invest anywhere between $9,000 – $200,000 and up. If that's you, just reach out to us to start a conversation. Otherwise, this is why we pre-build premium websites for purchase. Because years ago we saw that premium websites didn't fail. And we wanted to bring premium to everyone without the premium price tag.

We sure can! In fact, we offer a select number of in-house site customization projects per quarter. Investment begins at $9,000. If you’re interested in working with our design team, please head on over to our Agency page and check out what we have to offer. Then, contact us (fill out the form) and we’d be happy to set up a free consultation call to discuss your project further.

We take care our people — and that includes you! When you signup, you get access to hundreds of tutorials from all the pro plugin vendors we use. And, of course, you get dedicated support from our amazing team.